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Get the Most Out of Your Dominican Republic Adventure

Things To Do In Dominican Republic | SEAPRO DIVERS
Things To Do In Dominican Republic | SEAPRO DIVERS


People have always been drawn to the ocean as a source of calm and natural wonder. Seaside Destinations are popular vacation spot due to their natural beauty and sense of wellbeing. The Dominican Republic offers some of the most exotic beach access in the Caribbean, with crystal-clear water and mountainous landscape that allow for a striking contrast. As one of the most popular tourism destination in the Caribbean the Dominican Republic has an impressive array of action packed activities that has paved the way to being recognized as the island that ‘Has it All.”

SeaPro Divers

Below are some of the must-do beach activities when visiting the Dominican Republic.

Scuba Diving

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the wonders beneath the ocean waves, then scuba diving is the right water sport for you. Travelers are able to obtain their scuba diving license while on vacation in the Dominican Republic in only 3 days. One of the benefits of obtaining the Open Water Diver certification is for its international status.

On the northern coast of the Dominican Republic when scuba diving in Puerto Plata, divers will find some of the wall dives on the Island. The Airport Wall is an intricate network of underwater wall formations extending from the airport to Sosua Bay.


If staying on the surface of the water is more your speed, you can try snorkeling. This allows you to see many of the underwater wonders while having an unlimited source of air. This is considered an incredibly relaxing activity that is appropriate for strong swimmers of all ages.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing brings so much more to the sport than many people realize. You’ll have the opportunity to fish in much deeper waters for much larger fish. Nothing compares to pulling up a fish weighing hundreds of pounds while you relax in the gorgeous tropical surroundings. Don’t forget to take pictures for bragging rights!

Kite Surfing

If you’re more of an extreme sports Enthusiast, you can get acquainted with kitesurfing. This is a sport that allows you to be pulled along the water while holding onto a wind-driven kite. Kites of all shapes and sizes can be used to generate different levels of power. This takes some practice, but there are lessons available.

Private Charters

Enjoy the islands in a very personal way. You can have your own private Charter arranged in order to take things in at your own pace, and to get the most out of your trip. Private charters are also a great option for honeymoons and those celebrating special occasions.

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