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3 Top Places to Explore in Puerto Plata

Scuba Diving In Puerto Plata | SEAPRO DIVERS
Scuba Diving In Puerto Plata | SEAPRO DIVERS

Not many of us are aware of the patch of heaven on earth, tucked away safely in the heart of the Dominican Republic’s Northern Coast. Imagine azure waters surrounded by dense emerald mountain backdrop melting into the unforeseeable horizon. The town of Puerto Plata offers an exciting experience to visitors with its rich colonial history, quaint Victorian architecture and unique natural beauty. Below are exciting adventures and things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to make the most of this seaside wonder.

Explore vivid marine life at Sosua Bay

The calm sheltered waters of Sosua Bay appear as a canvas of impressive shades blue and green at first sight. For water-enthusiasts visiting Sosua Bay is a must for its diverse marine species.

SeaPro DiversWith a notable variety of reef ecosystems from wall drop-offs, coral reefs and swim through canyons, snorkelers and divers will find plenty of colorful reefs to explore. Beach lovers can relax in the sun kissed beaches or enjoy the catch of the day with a refreshing cold ‘Cerveza.´ For certified divers with over 12 dive sites to explore near the Bay, scuba diving in Puerto Plata will provide endless adventures.


Step Back in Time at Fort San Felipe

Things to do Puerto PlataBuilt in the 16th century by King Felipe II of Spain, San Felipe served as a fortress to protect the citizens of Puerto Plata from unexpected pirate invasions. Today the fort is a museum of the rich history of Puerto Plata. Built above a cliff facing the Atlantic Ocean, the fort of San Felipe provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic and City. Visit this historic monument during a quick afternoon stroll on the popular boardwalk.


Relax in the Paradisaical Landscape of Cayo Arena

SeaPro DiversA day trip from Puerto Plata, Paradise Island (or Cayo Arena) is a small island sandbank surrounded by pristine turquoise waters and protected by coral reefs. A gem in the middle of the Atlantic, Paradise Island was recently ranked 34th out of the 100 best beaches in the world by CCN Travel.Astoundingly beautiful, Paradise Island is plunged among the impressive mountains of Punta Russia. Visitors feel transported into a true Caribbean Paradise as they arrive by boat, completely awe-struck by the paradisiac landscape.

Whether you are looking to indulge in the local cuisine, step back into history or embark in adrenaline charged adventures, Puerto Plata is a multifaceted destination offering exceptional experiences that is waiting to be explored!


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