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Exploring the Colisseo Living Museum of the Sea

Scuba Diving | SEAPRO DIVERS
Scuba Diving | SEAPRO DIVERS

There’s something alluring about exploring shipwrecks and artifacts that date back to another era. For the history biff and pirate enthusiasts, the Dominican Republic central location in the Caribbean made it a hotspot during the Golden Age of Piracy. To this date, pirate ship remains are still being discovered around the waters that surround the island. For Divers that are looking for a new adventure, you can dive into the past at the Colosseum Living Museum of the Sea, the only  underwater museum in Punta Cana that boasts the remnants of 16th century shipwrecks dating back to the Golden Age of Piracy. Here canyons beautifully connect with the fauna to become part of the ecosystem where you can spot trunkfish, parrot fish and oftentimes playful eagle rays. As part of the Playa Blanca Protected Dive Sites in Punta Cana, divers can explore some of the top diving in Dominican Republic in a small group setting, while ensuring the long term preservation of the ecosystems.


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