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Humpback Whales Sighting in Punta Cana

Sea Pro | Whale Watching Excursion Punta Cana
Sea Pro Whale Watching Excursion Punta Cana

As divers we never really know what we might encounter or see on a dive trip. Mother Nature is so marvelously unpredictable that we can explore the same dive site every day and see something completely unique each time. Here in Dominican Republic the most sought after and perhaps most memorable marine life sightings is that of the humpback whales. 


Every year, thousands of humpback whales from the North Atlantic migrate to the Dominican Republic silver banks and Samana Peninsula. During the month of January through March, the whales spend their mating season in warmer waters of Samana Bay where visitors flock the protected bay area to observe the courting spectacle. Male humpback whales will display their health and vitality by breaching above the water and flipping their tails to attract their female counterparts. Sometimes we might see the whales as they travel through Punta Cana towards the northern Peninsula.


Just last week, we spotted a Family of Humpback whales during our morning dive trip! It was the perfect start to an incredible morning  spent scuba diving with a group of divers from all over the world. If you are visiting in February  you might be one of the lucky divers to see these stunning whales on your dives! Not a Diver? you can join the wildlife and nature obserserves on a Whale Watching Trip to Samana, where you are guaranteed to see the humpback whales during their courting routines (you can even hear the yearning songs of the male  whales as they court their female counterparts).


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