Puerto Plata Local Dives

Options for all levels of diver

Dive the famous 'Sosua' sites!

5 star PADI instructors

Why you should go

Scuba diving in Puerto Plata is a unique underwater nature experience. As a great destination for eco-tourism, Puerto Plata offers divers a diverse marine ecosystem to explore. Along the North coast, coral reefs, marine life gardens and majestic walls give us a variety of dive sites to choose from for divers of all levels.


Scuba diving for all levels and experiences

Dive swim-troughs, overhangs, tunnels and more!

Dive with our team are 5 star PADI instructors with years of experience

Guaranteed 2 separate dives every morning

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Dive packages

Packages (without equipment)

2 dives – $110
4 dives – $210
6 dives – $310
8 dives – $400
10 dives – $455
12 dives – $500

Equipment rental (per day)

BCD (buoyancy compensator) – $4
Wetsuit – $4
Regulator – $4
Fins, snorkel, mask – $4


Monday through Saturday, all year

Meeting point & time

Confirmed upon booking

Participation requirements

Valid scuba dive license, dive booklet and completed dive medical form

Dive Medical Policy

Prior to participating in any scuba diving activity and/or scuba certification training with SeaPro Divers, divers will be required to complete a medical form in order to identify any pre-existing conditions that may affect their safety while scuba diving.

See a copy of our medical questionnaire here.

Dive sites

In order to explore explore some of the top dive sites in Puerto Plata, SeaPro Divers will pick up guests in the morning from their resorts in Puerto Plata to visit Sosua Bay. Once you are ready to join a dive trip, select one of the dive packages below based on the number of days you’d like to dive. We will send you an email confirmation with pick up details.

Airport 1 | 20-110 ft (7-33 m) | Wall

Airport 2 & 3 | 20-110 ft (7-33 m) | Wall

Tunnel | 80 ft (24 m) | Cave

5 Rocks | 65-80 ft (20-24 m) | Reef

Mini Wall | 40-100 ft (12-30 m) | Wall

Canyon 1 | 10-26 ft (3-8 m) | Reef

Canyon 2 | 26-90 ft (8-27 m) | Reef

Puntilla | 40-60 ft (12-18 m) | Reef

Larimar | 50-100 ft (15-30 m) | Reef

Ray Point | 120 ft (36 m) | Reef

3 Rocks | 30-47 ft (9-14 m) | Reef

Coral Garden | 60-80 ft (18-22 m) | Reef

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