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Enjoy Snorkeling in Punta Cana

Snorkeling in Punta Cana


So you are on holiday enjoying the sun, the sea and your favorite umbrella drink; to spice up your holiday why not consider snorkeling. The Punta Cana party boat excursions offer a thirty to forty minute snorkeling experience at Shallow Reef. If you have never snorkeled before the idea may be daunting or undermined as easy. This article will provide tips of having the best snorkeling experience the first time around and gear you for your next snorkeling excursion.

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1. What you first need to know is that you do not need to know how to swim for you to actually snorkel. Most snorkeling tours will provide swimmers and non-swimmers alike with a float belt or noodle to keep you afloat and comfortably on the surface of the water. Many people use these float belts so there is no need to be self-conscious and remember it should always be safety first and then fun.

2. The mask must fit comfortably – many snorkeling tours will provide gear or you can bring your gear along. Be sure that before you start snorkeling your goggles fit your face. In order for this to happen you will need to adjust the apparatus to the size of your head and face; this stops your goggles from being leaky. The crew members of your tour will give instructions as to how to adjust the goggles to fit your face. However, you cannot wear glasses and goggles at the same time but you can wear contacts comfortably with goggles.

3. Snorkel – the snorkel in the tube that has at one end the part to put in your mouth and the other end to be above the water. Because a snorkel involves being put in your mouth be sure to either bring your own or ensure yours has been seriously disinfected. Some experts say that a dry snorkel is the best snorkel; it has a special valve on top that seals shut when your snorkel goes underwater, it also has a special purge valve at the bottom to blow water out of the tube. With a bit of practice breathing using the snorkel becomes easy and natural.

4. Fins – fins are not a necessity but are helpful especially for long periods of snorkeling. They help you move comfortably through the water without exerting too much energy and help reduce fatigue while moving in the water. While not a requirement they are strongly advised.

5. The ultimate rule for snorkeling is: Do Not Panic! – breathing underwater somehow does not come naturally, which is odd as we are all in water for the first nine months of our lives, thus there is need for you to remain calm so as not to hyperventilate. To start off stay in the shallow water and as soon as you get a hang of breathing using the snorkel and feel confident you can wade out further.

6. Every few minutes look up to see where you are as it is easy for the current to make you drift away without noticing.

Above all have fun!

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