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3 Scuba Diving Tips for 2020

Scuba Diving Tips for 2020 | SEAPRO DIVERS
Scuba Diving Tips for 2020 | SEAPRO DIVERS

t’s  January, with a new year comes new dive travel goals, So whether you are a new diver or not, the new year brings us an opportunity  to hone your dive skills, update our equipment and look for new opportunities to become more conscientious divers. 


Here are 3 Handy Tips for Scuba Diving in 2020. Whether you are planning to Scuba Dive in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere, these are 3 easy tips that might be useful during your 2020 Dive Adventures. 





Tip #1: Bring Coral Safe Sunscreen 

If you have not dived here before this will all be new, but if you have, here is the first tip… bring coral reef safe sunscreen. While you can find it on the island, it is easier for you to grab beforehand, better for our beautiful corals as well as marine life, and most important, cheaper. If you are not aware, reef-safe sunscreen is the rave among all coral dependent dive locals.  By using Reef safe sunscreen that do not have the toxic chemicals that harm our marine ecosystems you are taking a step to ensuring our local reefs safety. Save the Reef offers a great guide with a list of the top Reef Safe Sunscreen for vacationers. As more and more areas place a ban on non-reef safe sunscreen and we believe with enough momentum, Punta Cana will help this global initiative. 


SeaPro Divers



Tip #2: Understanding the Difference Between Current and Surge 


Tip number two is understanding the difference between Current and Surge. Here in Punta Cana, we have both and they can be a new form of excitement and, at times, a new challenge. Current, here, is mostly felt at the surface. So if your SEAPRO dive leader tells you to hold the buoy line, do it! Because if not, you could find yourself further away from your buddy, the dive site or the boat. That said, current can be your friend. Especially when the dive is planned around the current and it helps us swim… well more like “coast,” back to the boat for the safety stop. 


Surge on the other hand, is a force we feel at depth here in Punta Cana. It can push you forward or backward like an underwater bachata (typical dominican dance) of sorts. It’s nothing to fear and in fact, fun if you get the timing correct. Talk about feeling the ocean like a fish… they don’t swim against surge, they wait until it helps them. Here in Punta Cana, I enjoy days when I can look to my left (or right) and see my marine office mates “standing” still as the surge sweeps over a yellowtail snapper or queen parrot fish. Then with an instant, we all move together. It provides me insight into how much everything in this world is connected to each other. So don’t fear the push, embrace it. (There you go, another “new” skill regardless of your dive level)




Tip #3: What are the main features to keep an eye out for for new equipment

The third, and our final tip for this month, is about new equipment. As a PADI Certified Instructor, people often ask me about equipment. This is an easy one from my perspective… focus on the comfort in your mask, strength in your fins and functionality in your watch. Get your mask dive ready to eliminate fogging and enjoy the sights of Punta Cana’s wrecks, reefs and marine life diversity (I want to see the turtle!). Surge, Current, or simply Carribean diving, your fins are your strength. Want longer dives, kick with less energy. Want to explore more of the site, use your fins to propel you further. Want to turn on a dime (or sand dollar, ?), proper fins make this effortless. Finally, a proper watch offers you safety and diversity. Some places we use Nitrox, some Air and maybe, you want to free dive. Punta Cana and SEAPRO offer all three. So why not plan your dive properly with your watch? As in fashion, jewelry is expensive. There are a number of value buys that offer what I look for in a dive computer. So, don’t break the bank. Don’t buy complicated technology. Simply, find a computer that can grow with you as you advance your skills… adding Nitrox or Deep to your development, make sure your watch offers these functions. 


Bonus Tip: these three ítems shouldn’t impact your luggage budget when traveling to Punta Cana or other travel destinations either. “


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