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How to Explore Puerto Plata like a local


You may be traveling to Puerto Plata for the first time or on your tenth time, but this Dominican city has a quaint charm of its own that never fails to attract tourists to its shores. From world class beaches to impressive mountainous countryside, Puerto Plata is an all-around destination great of sea lovers and trekkers. Famed to be the first tourism destination Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is tucked between the Cordillera Mountains and Atlantic coast. While famous for all things by the sea, there is so much more this place has to offer.

Puerto Plata’s charming Victorian architecture and beach boardwalk have won it the name of ‘most beautiful city in the Dominican Republic.’ If you are torn between scuba diving in Puerto Plata or snorkeling under the turquoise blue waters, then it is certain that you need guidance. Here are some top options that you must absolutely try when you are in the Dominican Republic’s Northern Coast. Scuba Diving in Puerto Plata

Start with Playa Dorada, the famous hub for all tourists and travelers. This is just one of the places that is highly popular and you must visit anyway. Sun kissed beaches and restaurants lining the coasts is your perfect opportunity to unwind. You can swim in the resort pool or relax in one of the sun lounges. Your first day in Puerto Plata will be well spent here.


Take a cable car down to Mount Isabel de Torres and enjoy breathtaking views.

For the best views of the city, you’d have to board a cable car up the Isabel de Torres Mountain. At the top you’ll find a giant Christ Statue overlooking the city. For many locals, the statue is a symbol of Jesus looking after the city and it’s people.The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua is natural monument that is often times described by traveler as one of the funnest things they did in Puerto Platas. Visitors have to hike through the jungle to reach reach the natural pools and cascades. To get back down, you’ll have to jump or go through natural slides while wearing a helmets and life-jackets of course.

For the art and architecture lovers, Fort San Felipe is your last remaining hope to see colonial structure from an era gone by. Constructed in 16th century, this fort was meant to ward off French pirates and was later used as a prison.

Explore the lively city center enjoying the colorful Caribbean architecture.

If you are the one to enjoy windsurfing and kiteboarding, then look no further and head straight to Cabarete. This 4-mile white sand beach has the perfect weather and waters for surfers. It is here that you experience most of the water activities that Puerto Plata is famous for.

You can never truly be bored in a place like Puerto Plata that has been designed specifically for the tourists!

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