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A Guide to Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic

Sosua Beach In Dominican Republic | SEAPRO DIVERS
Sosua Beach In Dominican Republic | SEAPRO DIVERS

For those who enjoy observing marine life, interact with the ocean or simply want to enjoy an authentic Dominican beach with its local bars, restaurants and souvenir huts, Sosua Beach is the ideal destination to escape from the resorts and holiday projects and feel the vibration of the Dominican’s way of being at the beach; “vamos a la playa”…  Here is an absolute guide to visiting Sosua Beach in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

About Sosua

Sosua Bay is the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving in Puerto Plata. The horse-shoe shaped bay holds the clearest and quietest waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The wind blows off shore almost every day and therefore the wave activity is extremely low and currents are absent. With more than 15 named dive sites in and around the bay, with depths between 20 and 130 feet, divers of all experiences find what they long for. The quiet water inside the bay are perfect for learning to scuba dive and many have successfully completed their first diving license, between the reefs. The bay is perfect for snorkeling as the some reefs almost reach the surface.

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Getting there

From most hotels Sosua Bay can be reach by taxi and the dive center offers transportation from all resorts in Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata

Things to Do

The beach of Sosua is Caribbean style with typical Dominican flow. About 400 yards of little Caribbean shacks offering food, drinks, cigars, souvenirs, sculptures, paintings and lots more. Each shack have a 5 yard beach strip from the shack to the shore, where you can lay on a beach bed, sit and drink, dance, enjoy the Dominican music or just enjoy the view over the bay and observe all that is going on. Cocktails are served in the fruit and the beers are always ice cold.


Puerto Plata Diving Sites

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The wall dives in Puerto Plata are a favorite with the experienced divers. In front of the airport lays a 20 feet deep reef, where we start the wall dives. Slowly we move towards the edge of this reef to start the drop off along the wall to 110 feet deep. We gently move our way back up on this multi-level dive and pass small caves, overhangs, tunnels and awkwardly shaped rocks. We often see larger species in this area such as groupers, barracudas and manta rays.

Inside and around the bay the dive sites are packed with marine life. Tropical fish around the divers all the time while the local dive master guide the divers through canyons, over coral gardens and around huge rocks. Many times divers get to observe seahorses, turtles, squids, angel fish, and on more cloudy days the reefs are filled with crabs, lobsters and moray eels.

So if you are planning to visit the Dominican Republic’s Northern Coast and are in search for the ideal destination to escape from the resorts for local vibes and culture, make sure to add Sosua Beach to your Puerto Plata Vacation list.

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