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3 Reasons to should visit Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Catalina Island Excursion

Travelers often time search for that perfect tour to take them to off the beaten path destinations. For vacationers in Punta Cana who enjoy the idea of embarking in new underwater adventures such as scuba diving and snorkeling excursions, or simply relaxing in idyllic beaches, then a day Excursion to Catalina Island, Dominican Republic is one that will be the highlight of your vacation. Here are 3 reasons why you should definitely visit Catalina Island during your vacation to Dominican Republic.

1. Escape the Stress and Hassle of Popular Tourist Destinations

Catalina Island measures a mere 6 miles. Because of its size and national park status only a limited number of visitors are allowed to visit each day, making it a perfect day excursion from Punta Cana without the hassle of popular tourist traps. For the beach lover, the tranquil turquoise beaches at Catalina’s are postcard perfect material and less crowded than popular Saona Island. The water is known to be so calm and clear that you can even spot school fish swim by.

2. Plenty of Colorful Coral Reefs for the Diving and Snorkeling Enthusiast

Scuba Divers that prefer interesting dive sites, then scuba diving in Catalina Island will let you explore some of the nicer coral reefs in Dominican Republic. For Divers, the corals reefs surrounding Catalina Island are a perfect distraction from this world (at least for an hour or so). On the east side of Catalina lies “The Wall” a majestic wall reef that extends from the island to the Caribbean Sea. On the west side of Catalina Island and a quick boat ride from the shore lies “The Aquarium.” True to its name, diving the Aquarium can feel like swimming in a real life aquarium, with an abundance of tropical fish species at hand’s distance. Snorkelers are not left behind on the underwater adventures at Catalina. The Wall is a great snorkeling destination, at only 10 feet on the top of the reefs and surrounded by a variety of colorful reefs and fish (more than you will ever see in a local snorkeling trip in Punta Cana).

3. Interesting Caribbean Pirate History

For the pirate aficionados, a short distance from Catalina lies the famous 1700 century wreck the Quedagh Merchant of infamous pirate: Captain William Kidd. The location of the Quedagh Merchant had been unknown for over a century, until 2007. Today the last ship of William Kidd, has been preserved as a “Living Museum of the Sea.”

So if you are planning a vacation to Punta Cana are searching for that off the beaten path beach destination with excellent diving and snorkeling excursions, a relaxing island ambience then a day excursion to Catalina Island is one sure to delight.

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