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10 Amazing Things to Do in Punta Cana by the Beach

Things to Do in Bavaro Beach


Punta Cana is a beach town in the Dominican Republic that has gained popularity for its miles of picturesque turquoise beaches filled with palm trees and abundant array of beach activities. From sun tanning, beach volleyball to water sports, there are plenty of exciting activities that will keep travelers entertained by the Beach.

After a fun filled week exploring as many activities on the beach, here is a compilation of the Top 10 things to do in Bavaro Beach. From adrenaline packed underwater experiences to pure relaxation, Bavaro Beach has a variety of exciting activities for all types of vacationers. So if you’re planning an upcoming vacation to Punta Cana and would like a few inspirations for your trip, then here are a few suggestions.


10. Get Competitive with a Volleyball Match

There is no better way to get your competitive spirit and day workout than with a friendly game of beach volleyball. An added bonus is that you’ll still get that vacation tan while being active. Most resort entertainment staff organize daily volleyball matches, make sure to sign up on time!


9. Swim with Nurse Sharks

If you’d like to take you’re snorkeling to the next level, or simply want to interact with large marine animals in a safe environment, then a snorkeling tour where you can swim with nurse sharks should be added to your vacation bucket list. Shark and stingray snorkeling tours are fun for the whole family. They include snorkeling at nearby reefs along with interaction with larger marine animals in an aquatic park.

8. Enjoy Authentic Caribbean Seafood

No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without delicious seafood. From lobster, snapper, mahi mahi or shrimp cocktail, if you are a seafood fan you’ll find plenty of fresh seafood in Punta Cana. For authentic Caribbean Fusion, head over to Canoa Beach Restaurant, this colorful beach shack with island music offers delicious seafood with stunning views of the beach.

Seafood in Excursion in Punta Cana



7. Work on that Awesome Vacation Tan

For the beach bums w hose ultimate vacation goal is to return home 3 shades darker, then relaxing with a book by the beach might be the best way to work on that tan. You’ll find plenty of chaise lounge on your resort, but try to arrive early to select the best spots.

6. Relax with a Blissful Massage

For travelers whose ultimate vacation goal is to wind down and disconnect, then a relaxing beach massage is one to add to your bucket list. The splashing waves and cool sea breeze lead to a harmonic experience of pure bliss. Check with your resorts spa to see if they offer beach massage. Another superb spa offering seaside massages is Spa Naturel

5. See the astonishing views while Parasailing

To truly experience Punta Cana famous coastline it’s absolutely a must to try Parasailing. The landscape is even more impressive from 200 feet up in the air. The sea appears like art work as the varying shades of blue come to life as you parasail across coral reefs (often times you can spot a turtle or larger fish).

Parasail Punta Cana

4. Sail across the waves with a Hobie Cat

Hobie Catamarans are a fun alternative to sailboats for short distances sailing. They are simple to use, even if you have never gone sailing before you can take a 30 minute lesson and catch the waves. Most resort authorized water sport center will offer complimentary hobie cat rental and lessons. To see which water sport center is situated in your resort check out your resort main page.

3. Take a Snorkeling Excursion in the Nearby Reefs

No beach vacation would be complete without snorkeling! The reefs in Bavaro Beach are conveniently located a 10-15 minutes boat ride from most resorts in the area. “Viva Shallow” is a popular snorkeling spot visited in most snorkeling tours. However, to experience some of the best snorkeling from Punta Cana, it is preferable to go on an Island Snorkeling Excursion to Saona or Catalina.

Couples with a star fish during a punta cana snorkeling excursion

2. Experience the Romance of a Caribbean Sunset

There is something truly magical about seeing the sunset from the beach, the warm shades of orange and reds in the sky are an impressive contrast to the turquoise beaches. There are many places to see the sunset from Bavaro Beach. For a fun ambience try Soles Bar, a popular beach lounge with Chill Out music.

1. Spend the Afternoon by the Natural Pool

If you are visiting Punta Cana, please make sure to visit the Natural Pool. This nature preserve (there are no resorts in this area) situated on a sandbar with waist deep waters is the perfect place to end the day. A tranquil place, the natural pool comes to life in the afternoon as dozen of catamarans bring tourists to this fun hangout spot. You’ll see groups playing volleyball, water soccer, others relaxing with a cocktail or dancing the afternoon away. The Party Boat Tour in Punta Cana is a popular excursion, and one of the highlights of many travelers vacation.

Friends in the Natural Pool





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