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All levels welcome!

One-on-one private lessons

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Learning to kitesurf on vacation has never been this easy! With a private kitesurfing lesson, kiters of all levels can become more confident in the water.


Learn from certified instructors

Walk away a stronger kiter!

Students will enroll and demonstrate their kitesurfing level

Learn in one of the top kitesurf destination in Dominican Republic

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Trip Details


3 hours (1 day) $249
6 hours (2 days) $499
9 hours (3 days) $749

Departure time

12 noon

Meeting point

Meeting point will be sent via email upon booking


Everyday, all year


Depends of course booked

Group size

1 on 1 with certified instructor


  • Full equipment
  • Lessons with certified kite instructor
  • Transportation

Not included

Tips, pictures

What to bring

  • Voucher
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Camera/underwater camera
  • Spending money

Staff on tour

certified kitesurfing instructor

Participation requirements

All levels welcome!

Tour overview

Learning to kitesurf on vacation has never been this easy. With private kitesurfing lessons, kiters of all levels can become more confident in the water. For students who don’t have any previous kite surfing experience, we start with the basics; learning to maneuver the kite prior to entering the water. Our team of  certified kite instructors and assistants will introduce you to the up-and-coming sport while providing you with individual training in the water to build your confidence. Our goal is to get you standing up and kitesurfing your way through the turquoise Caribbean waters.


Day 1: Kite Control
In the first lesson you will learn equipment safety and receive an introduction into the wind window and kite control with one and two hands. You’ll learn how to keep the kite at 11 and 2 o’clock and how to fly the kite across the wind window. Learning how to walk while maintaining the kite at your side, moving from side to side and kite launching and landing are also important basics. During this lesson, a training kite will be used in the first hour and then you’ll gradually move up level as you progress.


Day 2: Body Dragging
A quick review from the first lesson and then dive right into a new day of learning and practicing! This lesson will consist of launching the kite on the beach and you’ll also learn how to single-handedly body drag without a board. The total lesson time will be approximately 3 hours of instruction, in and out of the water.


Day 3: Standing Up
A quick recap from the last lesson and today is all about standing up on the board! Learn single-handed body dragging and practice one-on-one with your private instructor until you feel more confident. Today is the cherry on the cake though — stand up on the board in the water!

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